Propolina Kontak per bambini

Propolina for children

The Friendly Bee that Protects Your Child

Propolina is a kid-friendly diffuser that releases the beneficial properties of propolis into the air, protecting your child with the ancient wisdom of bees. When equipped with an ionizer, Propolina also emits negative ions into the atmosphere, enhancing the activity of propolis to sanitize the air.

Constant and continuous use of the Propolina propolis diffuser during the winter and spring seasons:

  • Boosts your child's immune system
  • Provides valuable help against colds and sore throats

The cute bee shape also has a pleasant surprise: at night, the antennas light up, diffusing a pleasant light in the bedroom. Like a careful guardian that protects the child's sleep at night.

4 Propolina Kontak models are available for children, all made of carefully selected ecological materials: non-toxic plastic and wood.

Choose Propolina and give your child the natural protection they deserve!

Propolina Kontak per bambini
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