Apicoltura Casa Pietra

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
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    Spring blossom honey from Salsomaggiore TermeSpring blossom honey from Salsomaggiore Terme
  • Honeydew honey Salsomaggiore TermeHoneydew honey Salsomaggiore Terme
  • Alfalfa Honey from SalsomaggioreAlfalfa Honey from Salsomaggiore
  • Ailanthus Honey from Emila RomagnaAilanthus Honey from Emila Romagna
  • Tabiano Terme organic blackberry honeyTabiano Terme organic blackberry honey
  • Raw Honeycomb honey from SalsomaggioreRaw Honeycomb honey from Salsomaggiore
  • Wild Cherry Blossom HoneyWild Cherry Blossom Honey
  • Propolis Tincture - with 25% organic raw propolisPropolis Tincture - with 25% organic raw propolis
  • Organic Raw Propolis from Salsomaggiore TermeOrganic Raw Propolis from Salsomaggiore Terme
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    Organic lime honey Colli Salsomaggiore TermeOrganic lime honey Colli Salsomaggiore Terme
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    Acacia Honey from Salsomaggiore TermeAcacia Honey from Salsomaggiore Terme
  • esaurito
    Chestnut honey from Salsomaggiore TermeChestnut honey from Salsomaggiore Terme
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