Oikos Apicoltura

Oikos Beekeeping

Passionate about beekeeping, Germano Firriolo has been following an organic production model since 2012 that respects bees and the environment.

To produce honey, pollen and royal jelly, it practices pesticide-free beekeeping and a production based on the continuous search for quality: for which they are all certified organic and local products.

The territories it has identified to place its hives have been chosen with great attention and care because they are essential for obtaining quality organic honey and pollen.
From the Ligurian coastal areas (Montemarcello-Magra-Vara Regional Natural Park and 5 Terre National Park) and up to the Apuan Geopark - in the hilly and mountainous areas of upper Tuscany.
Only ideal areas for the production of honey and organic pollen thanks to the almost absolute absence of industries and polluting substances, the favorable succession of blooms and the presence of precious plant essences.

Oikos Apicoltura
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