Cold with a sore throat or cough

Organic Balsamic Honeys: GMO-Free, Toxic Additive-Free, and Refined Sugar-Free

  • Honey with Propolis and Essential Oils
  • Respiro - Honey with Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Acacia Honey with Mountain Pine o.e.
  • Organic honey cough syrup
  • Organic balsamic honey with essential oils from Corsica
  • A breve
    Propolis & Eucalyptus candies
  • Propomiele - Wildflower Honey with Propolis
  • A breve
    Organic propolis sweets, honey and Pyrenean herbs
  • Apisystem: Raw honey with organic pollen and propolis
  • Adaptogenic nutraceutical foods useful in colds

    with 100% organic ingredients from our own producers

  • Apisystem: Raw honey with organic pollen and propolis
  • Organic Raw Bee Pollen from Sardinia
  • A breve
    Organic Aloe Vera Juice unpasteurized
  • Fresh Organic Royal Jelly from the Oltrepò Pavese Hills
  • Organic Gyokuro Tennen tea Kirishima Mountains
  • Raw bee Pollen from the Lucan Dolomites
  • esaurito
    Fresh Organic Royal Jelly from the Tuscan Apennines
  • Organic Gyokuro green tea Miyazaki (Japan)
  • Chestnut Pollen from Piedmont
  • Pure fresh organic royal jelly from Piedmont
  • Gel di Aloe vera da bere fresco  (in vetro scuro)
  • Novità
    Olio extravergine di oliva toscano biologico Frantoio Leccino
  • Aromatherapy for colds

    Organic Italian Essential Oil Steam Inhalations

    See Organic aromatherapy