Mieli Luigi Manias

Luigi Manias

Luigi Manias is heir and continuer in Ales of the oldest family tradition in beekeeping in the world, inaugurated by his ancestor Antioco Manias in 1631 and in 1917 in the maternal line by his grandfather Luigi Olla.

Its permanent apiaries are located in the Monte Arci Park , in an environmental context of absolute value, characterized by Mediterranean maquis and rare endemic species. He is the Sardinian beekeeper with the highest number of prizes in national competitions for the quality of his honey. The honey shop meets the criteria of bio-architecture and energy self-sufficiency.

Expert in beekeeping and sensory analysis of honey, professor of beekeeping , he carries out educational and social farm activities under the name Ape buridana .

He is co-author of the Dictionary of nomadic honeys (Corraini, 2008), friendly guide to learn about Italian honeys and editor of Api Buridane (Nur, 2017), a collection of contributions on bees in literature, history, art, poetry, anthropology, toponymy. He is currently editing the forthcoming volume The Hive Mind .

Since 2021 he has been participating in The Honeyland project Adopt an organic beehive .

Mieli Luigi Manias
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