Donata Eufemia

Beekeeper since 1997. She lives together with her bees in the Lucanian Dolomites, surrounded by uncontaminated nature and clean air.

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  • esaurito
    Organic sulla honey from the Lucanian Dolomites
  • esaurito
    Mountain Wildflower Honey from Lucanian Dolomites
  • Natural Pollen from the Lucan Dolomites
  • Respiro - Honey with Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Marlène Hahusseau

    Ama spends his time among the Mediterranean scrub and bees in Cap Corse, one of the wildest places in Corsica

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  • Organic honeydew from Cap Corse (Corsica AOP)
  • Miele di corbezzolo biologico Corsica The Honeyland
  • esaurito
    Handcrafted organic Corsican honey chocolates
  • Organic balsamic honey with essential oils from Corsica
  • Clarien Van de Coevering

    With their all-female team they create practical and natural solutions to reduce plastic in the kitchen

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  • Beeopak Family - Natural Wrapper with organic beeswax
  • Beeopak XL - Natural Wrapper with organic beeswax
  • Beeopak Large - Natural food film with organic beeswax
  • Beeopak Starter - Natural Food Wrap with Organic Beeswax
  • Beeopak Medium - Natural Wrapper with organic beeswax
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    Beeopak Cheese - Natural Wrapper with organic beeswax