Benessere intestino

Gut Health

The Importance of Gut Health and TheHoneyland Products

In recent decades, numerous studies have shown how the intestine is one of the main organs for our well-being. Unfortunately, it is damaged daily by a diet with a high consumption of ultra-processed foods, as well as by pesticides and various toxins hidden in food and water.

From the ancient Mediterranean and oriental traditions, we bring you TheHoneyland 100% natural raw or fermented organic foods that modern nutrition recognizes as an excellent aid for the well-being of the intestinal microbiota. They are all made with fresh certified organic raw materials from our producers.

Foods with prebiotic properties and enzymes such as our fresh aloe vera, our honeydew honeys and products based on raw organic propolis (pure, in tincture, with honey or in tablets).

Fermented foods such as organic Orleans honey vinegar and our Parmigiano Reggiano cheese from the hills

Extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols and some types of organic green tea leaves

To avoid intestinal dysbiosis, specialists recommend avoiding fats, refined sugars and additives present in many packaged foods. You can opt for the numerous varieties of The Honeyland raw organic honey (pure or in creams).

In case of difficult digestion and constipation, see also our natural digestives.

Benessere intestino
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